I Created and Hosted a Massive Online Scavenger Hunt (and it was awesome).
2 years ago
1,479 Participants
363 2nd Puzzle Solvers
20 Solvers*
*Including teams. There were 20 solving teams, but 28 people solved the puzzles altogether.
Picture of Christian
LXXIII is a masterpiece of a scavenger hunt. It's one of the most creative projects I've received in my career!
Christian Gonzalez (Princeton HS Faculty)
Picture of Zee
Very well done and an interesting ARG. The 6th puzzle was so hard! Thanks for the opportunity. :D
Zee Arrr (Student at Princeton High)
Picture of Sanjana
LXXIII was challenging, but super fun! You can tell a lot of effort went into its creation, and it really paid off. LXXIII is a really cool puzzle!! :D
Sanjana (Student at Princeton High)

What is LXXIII?

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